CES new trend in 2018

Many bear the notion that they are safe and that their life and privacy are not interfered with by anybody. But for a second, imagine that there is a tracker in your bracelet that monitors the location of your child at home or in school. Again, imagine that there is new technology that can help you determine the attention your child pays in class. Imagine again that with the simple act of touching a button, you can turn on the camera in your car and see what is happening instantly.  

In the year 2017, CES (consumer electronic show) privacy invasion was the major selling point of a new gadget.  

Right from the onset, privacy and technology don’t really go hand in hand. Giants like Facebook and NSA programmes have eroded the privacy of a lot of people over the years. In this year, mass surveillance is now common especially with the invention of a new state of the art gadget. Faceless organizations are now accumulating data automatically from seemingly little details with the purpose of investigation. 

Presently, there are gadgets that might be invading your privacy right now. They may have a window someone can use to observe all your activities right now.  

The major victims of these new technologies are parents who want to spy on their children. For a second, imagine that the device you bought to spy on others is secretly spying on you collecting data from what you say and do. 

If you are a simple person and you don’t have tech-savvy friends or parents who are monitoring you, then you don’t have anything to fear, at least not directly.  

Since mass surveillance is now a now norm, privacy breach and tech invasion should be expected. Right now the NSA is watching Facebook and other social media giants closely and of course, they are aware of it. 

New inventions like the facial recognition as well as machine learning have made the sorting of surveillance video even quicker. As a result of this, there are now massive invasions of the privacy of a countless number of people today.  

At a conference in 2017, an electronic giant Panasonic reported that their payment which uses facial recognition technologies can both identify and track repeat buyers.  

With the way things are going presently, there is not going to be any privacy in the future. But not all tech innovations are spying on users. There are some that can make the life of their users a whole lot better while tracking them. A good example is Buoy. The buoy is an artificial intelligence powered system that tracks water leakage and usage. In order for this new technology to successfully help you save water, it will have to monitor the amount of time you spend in the bathroom, the quantity of water you use and other things. Indirectly, it is tracking your bathroom habits.  

In 2018 there are going to be new technologies that will take privacy invasion to a whole new level. 

5 Random Technology Hacks for 2018

Technology is versatile. It’s however not economic to always replace a gadget or scour around for additional support when dealing with a particular task. Sometimes, changing the way we search for information can boost results. There are many technology hacks that can save time, money and even a career, depending on how you look at it. Some repairs and purchases can simply be an inconvenience, while some activities on the internet could leave you with potential data loss. Here are five hacks to help you out.

Save cash on Craigslist .

The best part about technology is a classification of information. When you modify your Craigslist searches to some specific terms, the bots will bring forth results that are way cheaper than usual. Terms like: divorce, new baby, Kia, moving, and surgery are a few that will get you expensive stuff cheaply. These listings are usually from Craigslist sellers that are offloading stuff for cheap.

Amplify your iPad

If you don’t have an external speaker available, you can simply use a tennis ball to amplify the sound directly from the iPad speaker. This method is not conventional, considering it will require a tennis ball that is probably forgotten and discarded somewhere in the house. Simply, cut the ball in half and tape it directly behind the speaker. Alternatively, you can slice a thin line on the ball and fit the edge of the iPad through it, eliminating the need for tapes. The ball acts as an amplifier and the sound will be much more audible.

Compare nutritional information on Google

Instead of running two parallel searches, or opening multiple tabs on the browser, you can simply get the nutritional values of different foods directly through a single search.

By typing [food] vs [food], for example, Fish vs Chicken on the search tab, you will get the nutritional information for both foods directly. No need for extra tabs. No need for specific search words or tones of information which you don’t need.

Safe browsing

You can access a 90-day history data on a site which may be suspicious. Many sites today are laced with malicious software that honestly, is very annoying. From bots that send emails to annoying ads to serious issues like viruses and potential data loss, it’s best to always stay on top of your browsing game.

In your search tab, simply type “ safebrowsing :(website)” for example, safe browsing :(thissite.com). The result is a 90-day history of malware attempts on its visitors

Too lazy to leave the house

Sometimes, the remote control could act up. Sometimes it’s the battery, other times, someone actually damaged it and chose to remain silent. Before you rush out to buy a replacement, you can check if it still functional using any camera (including your phone camera). Simply hold it in front of the camera, press a button and snap. Check your image to see if there was any light emitted from the sensor. If there was no light (or any sort of reflection) then you may need a replacement. If there was a light, you may simply need new batteries.