Best earpiece you should try out

Most smartphones on the market don’t come with a headphone jack or an earpiece. What you are most likely to do is to purchase an earpiece or a headphone which could be wired or wireless at a local store. The next challenge you are likely going to face is choosing a good headphone or earpiece that will stand the test of time.

If you pick the first earpiece your eyes come in contact with, there is a high chance that it might not be a good one.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the best earpiece and headphones you will find on the market right now.

Libratone Q

The liberation Q headphone has been considered by many to be very stylish. One of its eye-catching features is its lighting and USB option. Even more, it produces better sounds and cancels out all external noise. The price of this headphone currently is 150USD.

Since the Libratone Q came into the market, it has received tons of positive review from buyers. If you are looking for a stylish headphone, then you should consider getting this one.

JBL reflect

The price of this headphone currently is 150USD. If you happen to be looking for a headphone without an adapter, then you should consider the JBL reflect.

This earpiece could be a perfect workout buddy because it is exercise-friendly and it stays on your ears without falling off even when you are working out hard in the gym. Lastly, it is water and sweat resistant. If you are looking for something that sounds good and perfect for working out, then you should give the JBL reflect a trial.



Bose Quiet comfort

The Bose quiet comfort is a wireless headphone that you can pair with your device. The reason why this headphone is preferred by many is that it produces great beats and it has the ability to cancel out external noise. It also has a bonus feature which allows you to use Google assistant if you have installed the app on your phone.

This headphone is both compactable to Android and iPhone devices. This headphone is presently sold for 350USD

Shure SE 215

The versatility of this headphone is what makes it a popular demand today. It can be used as a wired or wireless headphone. The ear bud alone can last up to eight hours when used wirelessly. This earpiece has received tons of positive reviews obviously because of its versatility. It is presently sold for 149USD

Final note.

Before purchasing a headphone, ensure that you check out reviews that people have left on it. If you are having a hard time selecting a good earpiece or headphone that would suit your need, make a choice from the headphone listed in this article.

5 quality technology accessories that don’t dent your wallet

Everyone today uses technology. From gamers, software developers, vloggers and even those of us who simply love listening to music as we work, and we need accessories to enhance our experience with the technology. There are accessories to cover all these consumers of various information technology, from speakers to portable touchpads to wireless mouse. Everyone is covered.

Seagate Backup Plus slim External hard drive

For only 69$, you can get up to 5Tb of storage, with a high-speed 3.0 USB connection. The package includes a backup software and a two-year 200GB subscription to Microsoft OneDrive online storage. This product delivers the highest capacity for any portable drive technology. Despite lacking a security feature against unauthorized access, it delivers the best deal for any portable drive around.

Bose Soundwear companion

This wearable speaker sits comfortably on your shoulder. It is flexible and form-fitting . With the use of Waveguide technology, the Soundwear companion will produce a rich sound mix that is sent directly to your ears. It is by far the best since the sound is minimized in such a way that, others will not likely hear what you are listening to (unless it’s loud). With minimal distraction capacity, you can be entertained as you work, without the burden of headphones. It is also sweat-resistant and is equipped with a 12-hour battery life. For only $299, you can enjoy the age-old sound quality of the Bose without weighing your ears down.

Lexar multi-card Reader

For only $25 you can now access up to 25 formats of memory cards. The Lexar card reader uses the USB 3.0 technology, with speeds of up to 500 MBps. This is a top speed, especially for large file transfers. The pop-up design will ensure that your cards stay safe. This probably is one of the best card readers around.

Sensel Morph Touchpad

This is a touch-sensitive pressurized pad that can be used for multiple layers of applications. With 10 overlays for music, keyboard and gaming controls, this touchpad is as versatile as they come. Compatible with Bluetooth technology, you can choose to use it wirelessly or via USB. The Sensel Morph can register up to 16 simultaneous touch points, with over 32,000 levels of touch sensitivity. All for $300 only.

Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse

This is definitely a must-have for all serious gamers. The mouse comes with a Logitech Unifying receiver that allows you to pair up to five other devices. The mouse features responsive and accurate scrolling through its laser technology feature. For only $35, you can upgrade your user experience with the Marathon Mouse.