How Technology Has Negatively Affected Our Lives

Nobody can argue that technology has made our lives much easier. The internet technology, for instance, has made communication with distant business acquaintances, friends and family so much easier. And to the business community, technology has made a tremendous impact. Businesses are more efficient, they have an opportunity to grow by going global and maintaining customer relationship is much easier.

However, we cannot turn a blind eye on how technology has negatively affected our day to day lives.

Socializing in person is becoming a thing of the past

People have resorted to socialize online than face-to-face. And this is a worrying trend for the future generation. Social skills are one of the most important skill set anyone can have. It improves your confidence, body language, cooperation and independence. But since technology is ruining our social skills, it’s clear where the society is headed.

It’s really unfortunate to see people in social gatherings busy scrolling through their phones instead of talking to each other and enjoying the moment.

Machines are replacing human workers

People, especially in the manufacturing sector are losing their jobs to machines. And since technology is moving at a faster pace, millions of jobs are at risk.

Bullying has increased rapidly

The internet has created more opportunities for anonymity making it easier for perpetrators to harm others. Cyber bullying has become an international menace that has resulted in tragic events including suicides, self harm and depression.

Family time isn’t the same as it used to be

Technology is slowing robbing us of our time with family. Instead of enjoying and creating great memories with family that will last a lifetime, we are busy; playing games, surfing the web, exchanging meaningless memes with friends, chatting with strangers on social networks, taking selfies and posting them online. Cell phones have ruined vacations as well. We try so hard to capture the moments instead of enjoying and appreciating the moment of being around family.

Further, social media and networking sites are linked to divorce and marital unhappiness. How did we let it come to this?

Feeling lost when we forget our phones at home or forget to recharge

It has reached a point where we feel naked without our phones. That’s how technology has taken over our minds. In our childhood days we didn’t have smartphones and we managed quite well, but things are so different now.

Technology is a good thing, but if we allow it to take over our lives, it will ruin us and our future generations.

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