How Technology Has Revolutionized the Healthcare Industry

Technological advancements have touched almost every industry today. The healthcare is no exception as of how things run in hospitals and medical centers have changed significantly. From feeding patient information in files, keeping records, tracking inventory and staff attendance to queuing, it’s true that technology has changed how things are done. 


  • Increased Accessibility to Health Information and Treatment


One way that technology has transformed the healthcare industry is through access to information and treatment. One is able to find out more information on a mobile app, book appointments and even communicate with a healthcare expert. This has contributed significantly to how effective healthcare is today.


  • Monitoring of Individual Health 


Monitoring personal health is vital in detecting health issues in their early stages, monitoring progress and reducing health care costs. Wearables such as fitness trackers, devices that monitor your blood pressure, weight loss and even calories burn among others have become popular.


Wearables such as hearing aids are also used to help those that are abled-different. This kind of technology has helped many live a more comfortable and stress-free life.

  • Improves Disease Control


If some illnesses are not controlled, they can spread massively which can be quite dangerous. Medical researches are done by professionals who in turn store the data with the help of technology. Medical experts retrieve this data and use it to help control diseases and improve healthcare.


  • Quicker Results


Everyone wants to have quick results of medical analysis and thanks to technology that this is now possible. It’s easier and faster to get results. In addition to this, one does not have to travel far to have tests done to them as many healthcare facilities have embraced technology.


  • Technology Reduces Paperwork


In the old days, getting billings and medical analysis meant there had to be a lot of paperwork. Technology has changed things as doctors don’t have to keep your medical records in hard copies or use traditional billing methods. This is done electronically which reduces paperwork and helps the environment in general.


You can tell how important technology has become in the healthcare industry by the number of apps that are developed. Most healthcare facilities are using technologically advanced devices to diagnose diseases, perform procedures, communicate with patients and keep records.


Exercising boosts your overall health and technology has made it possible to track your progress which also helps you achieve your personal goals. Overall, this helps you keep your health in check.

CES new trend in 2018

Many bear the notion that they are safe and that their life and privacy are not interfered with by anybody. But for a second, imagine that there is a tracker in your bracelet that monitors the location of your child at home or in school. Again, imagine that there is new technology that can help you determine the attention your child pays in class. Imagine again that with the simple act of touching a button, you can turn on the camera in your car and see what is happening instantly.  

In the year 2017, CES (consumer electronic show) privacy invasion was the major selling point of a new gadget.  

Right from the onset, privacy and technology don’t really go hand in hand. Giants like Facebook and NSA programmes have eroded the privacy of a lot of people over the years. In this year, mass surveillance is now common especially with the invention of a new state of the art gadget. Faceless organizations are now accumulating data automatically from seemingly little details with the purpose of investigation. 

Presently, there are gadgets that might be invading your privacy right now. They may have a window someone can use to observe all your activities right now.  

The major victims of these new technologies are parents who want to spy on their children. For a second, imagine that the device you bought to spy on others is secretly spying on you collecting data from what you say and do. 

If you are a simple person and you don’t have tech-savvy friends or parents who are monitoring you, then you don’t have anything to fear, at least not directly.  

Since mass surveillance is now a now norm, privacy breach and tech invasion should be expected. Right now the NSA is watching Facebook and other social media giants closely and of course, they are aware of it. 

New inventions like the facial recognition as well as machine learning have made the sorting of surveillance video even quicker. As a result of this, there are now massive invasions of the privacy of a countless number of people today.  

At a conference in 2017, an electronic giant Panasonic reported that their payment which uses facial recognition technologies can both identify and track repeat buyers.  

With the way things are going presently, there is not going to be any privacy in the future. But not all tech innovations are spying on users. There are some that can make the life of their users a whole lot better while tracking them. A good example is Buoy. The buoy is an artificial intelligence powered system that tracks water leakage and usage. In order for this new technology to successfully help you save water, it will have to monitor the amount of time you spend in the bathroom, the quantity of water you use and other things. Indirectly, it is tracking your bathroom habits.  

In 2018 there are going to be new technologies that will take privacy invasion to a whole new level. 

Best earpiece you should try out

Most smartphones on the market don’t come with a headphone jack or an earpiece. What you are most likely to do is to purchase an earpiece or a headphone which could be wired or wireless at a local store. The next challenge you are likely going to face is choosing a good headphone or earpiece that will stand the test of time.

If you pick the first earpiece your eyes come in contact with, there is a high chance that it might not be a good one.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the best earpiece and headphones you will find on the market right now.

Libratone Q

The liberation Q headphone has been considered by many to be very stylish. One of its eye-catching features is its lighting and USB option. Even more, it produces better sounds and cancels out all external noise. The price of this headphone currently is 150USD.

Since the Libratone Q came into the market, it has received tons of positive review from buyers. If you are looking for a stylish headphone, then you should consider getting this one.

JBL reflect

The price of this headphone currently is 150USD. If you happen to be looking for a headphone without an adapter, then you should consider the JBL reflect.

This earpiece could be a perfect workout buddy because it is exercise-friendly and it stays on your ears without falling off even when you are working out hard in the gym. Lastly, it is water and sweat resistant. If you are looking for something that sounds good and perfect for working out, then you should give the JBL reflect a trial.



Bose Quiet comfort

The Bose quiet comfort is a wireless headphone that you can pair with your device. The reason why this headphone is preferred by many is that it produces great beats and it has the ability to cancel out external noise. It also has a bonus feature which allows you to use Google assistant if you have installed the app on your phone.

This headphone is both compactable to Android and iPhone devices. This headphone is presently sold for 350USD

Shure SE 215

The versatility of this headphone is what makes it a popular demand today. It can be used as a wired or wireless headphone. The ear bud alone can last up to eight hours when used wirelessly. This earpiece has received tons of positive reviews obviously because of its versatility. It is presently sold for 149USD

Final note.

Before purchasing a headphone, ensure that you check out reviews that people have left on it. If you are having a hard time selecting a good earpiece or headphone that would suit your need, make a choice from the headphone listed in this article.

How Technology Has Negatively Affected Our Lives

Nobody can argue that technology has made our lives much easier. The internet technology, for instance, has made communication with distant business acquaintances, friends and family so much easier. And to the business community, technology has made a tremendous impact. Businesses are more efficient, they have an opportunity to grow by going global and maintaining customer relationship is much easier.

However, we cannot turn a blind eye on how technology has negatively affected our day to day lives.

Socializing in person is becoming a thing of the past

People have resorted to socialize online than face-to-face. And this is a worrying trend for the future generation. Social skills are one of the most important skill set anyone can have. It improves your confidence, body language, cooperation and independence. But since technology is ruining our social skills, it’s clear where the society is headed.

It’s really unfortunate to see people in social gatherings busy scrolling through their phones instead of talking to each other and enjoying the moment.

Machines are replacing human workers

People, especially in the manufacturing sector are losing their jobs to machines. And since technology is moving at a faster pace, millions of jobs are at risk.

Bullying has increased rapidly

The internet has created more opportunities for anonymity making it easier for perpetrators to harm others. Cyber bullying has become an international menace that has resulted in tragic events including suicides, self harm and depression.

Family time isn’t the same as it used to be

Technology is slowing robbing us of our time with family. Instead of enjoying and creating great memories with family that will last a lifetime, we are busy; playing games, surfing the web, exchanging meaningless memes with friends, chatting with strangers on social networks, taking selfies and posting them online. Cell phones have ruined vacations as well. We try so hard to capture the moments instead of enjoying and appreciating the moment of being around family.

Further, social media and networking sites are linked to divorce and marital unhappiness. How did we let it come to this?

Feeling lost when we forget our phones at home or forget to recharge

It has reached a point where we feel naked without our phones. That’s how technology has taken over our minds. In our childhood days we didn’t have smartphones and we managed quite well, but things are so different now.

Technology is a good thing, but if we allow it to take over our lives, it will ruin us and our future generations.

5 quality technology accessories that don’t dent your wallet

Everyone today uses technology. From gamers, software developers, vloggers and even those of us who simply love listening to music as we work, and we need accessories to enhance our experience with the technology. There are accessories to cover all these consumers of various information technology, from speakers to portable touchpads to wireless mouse. Everyone is covered.

Seagate Backup Plus slim External hard drive

For only 69$, you can get up to 5Tb of storage, with a high-speed 3.0 USB connection. The package includes a backup software and a two-year 200GB subscription to Microsoft OneDrive online storage. This product delivers the highest capacity for any portable drive technology. Despite lacking a security feature against unauthorized access, it delivers the best deal for any portable drive around.

Bose Soundwear companion

This wearable speaker sits comfortably on your shoulder. It is flexible and form-fitting . With the use of Waveguide technology, the Soundwear companion will produce a rich sound mix that is sent directly to your ears. It is by far the best since the sound is minimized in such a way that, others will not likely hear what you are listening to (unless it’s loud). With minimal distraction capacity, you can be entertained as you work, without the burden of headphones. It is also sweat-resistant and is equipped with a 12-hour battery life. For only $299, you can enjoy the age-old sound quality of the Bose without weighing your ears down.

Lexar multi-card Reader

For only $25 you can now access up to 25 formats of memory cards. The Lexar card reader uses the USB 3.0 technology, with speeds of up to 500 MBps. This is a top speed, especially for large file transfers. The pop-up design will ensure that your cards stay safe. This probably is one of the best card readers around.

Sensel Morph Touchpad

This is a touch-sensitive pressurized pad that can be used for multiple layers of applications. With 10 overlays for music, keyboard and gaming controls, this touchpad is as versatile as they come. Compatible with Bluetooth technology, you can choose to use it wirelessly or via USB. The Sensel Morph can register up to 16 simultaneous touch points, with over 32,000 levels of touch sensitivity. All for $300 only.

Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse

This is definitely a must-have for all serious gamers. The mouse comes with a Logitech Unifying receiver that allows you to pair up to five other devices. The mouse features responsive and accurate scrolling through its laser technology feature. For only $35, you can upgrade your user experience with the Marathon Mouse.

5 Random Technology Hacks for 2018

Technology is versatile. It’s however not economic to always replace a gadget or scour around for additional support when dealing with a particular task. Sometimes, changing the way we search for information can boost results. There are many technology hacks that can save time, money and even a career, depending on how you look at it. Some repairs and purchases can simply be an inconvenience, while some activities on the internet could leave you with potential data loss. Here are five hacks to help you out.

Save cash on Craigslist .

The best part about technology is a classification of information. When you modify your Craigslist searches to some specific terms, the bots will bring forth results that are way cheaper than usual. Terms like: divorce, new baby, Kia, moving, and surgery are a few that will get you expensive stuff cheaply. These listings are usually from Craigslist sellers that are offloading stuff for cheap.

Amplify your iPad

If you don’t have an external speaker available, you can simply use a tennis ball to amplify the sound directly from the iPad speaker. This method is not conventional, considering it will require a tennis ball that is probably forgotten and discarded somewhere in the house. Simply, cut the ball in half and tape it directly behind the speaker. Alternatively, you can slice a thin line on the ball and fit the edge of the iPad through it, eliminating the need for tapes. The ball acts as an amplifier and the sound will be much more audible.

Compare nutritional information on Google

Instead of running two parallel searches, or opening multiple tabs on the browser, you can simply get the nutritional values of different foods directly through a single search.

By typing [food] vs [food], for example, Fish vs Chicken on the search tab, you will get the nutritional information for both foods directly. No need for extra tabs. No need for specific search words or tones of information which you don’t need.

Safe browsing

You can access a 90-day history data on a site which may be suspicious. Many sites today are laced with malicious software that honestly, is very annoying. From bots that send emails to annoying ads to serious issues like viruses and potential data loss, it’s best to always stay on top of your browsing game.

In your search tab, simply type “ safebrowsing :(website)” for example, safe browsing :( The result is a 90-day history of malware attempts on its visitors

Too lazy to leave the house

Sometimes, the remote control could act up. Sometimes it’s the battery, other times, someone actually damaged it and chose to remain silent. Before you rush out to buy a replacement, you can check if it still functional using any camera (including your phone camera). Simply hold it in front of the camera, press a button and snap. Check your image to see if there was any light emitted from the sensor. If there was no light (or any sort of reflection) then you may need a replacement. If there was a light, you may simply need new batteries.

Virtual reality technology to the blind community

Virtual reality technology invokes the allure of visiting an alien world without really going there. The beauty of accessing newer worlds through technology has provided the possibility of gaining seeing abilities without investing in surgery or transplants. Mostly popular in the gaming world, this technology is now providing a breakthrough for the visually impaired by restoring their functionality. By restoring sight, the user is able to access their world through a projected reality, similar to their own visual reality.

In a real sense, lack of vision is a broad spectrum of disabilities that range from a partial loss to total loss of vision. It can also affect one eye or both eyes. This will encompass an array of issues from tunnel vision, amblyopia , blurry vision and blind spots.

See the world better

There are visual tasks we take for granted, like the ability to clearly read on a computer. By using the IrisVision app technology with the Samsung Gear VR, the user is able to clearly see the world around them. This gadget is responsive to head movement, magnifying what they are focusing on. Thankfully, it also provides the wide field of view we are naturally equipped with.

The user will no longer need magnifying devices on their computers and can perform more complex tasks that were being limited by the sight problem. The main downside is the cost of the technology to the regular user. It can set you back a whopping $2500 for the entire set (headset, software and a phone to power the gear).

Strengthen weaker eyes

Virtual reality technology poses a relief for the ‘lazy eye’ or amblyopia . Conventionally, it’s expected if by the age of 8 years the problem wasn’t fixed, it can’t be fixed at all. Myopia affects vision by forcing the brain to repress vision from the weaker eye.

This is a significant issue because it directly affects our ability to see in 3D. Vivid Vision, a company that provides therapy solutions for the condition realized that by cranking up the brightness for the weaker eye, the goggles were able to effectively able to restore 3D vision and depth perception for those with the condition.

Partial Sight

The smart aspect is a technology currently in development, aimed at people who have problems seeing at all. It is targeted for the legally blind population. This technology accentuates objects against a darkened background. The beauty is that it even works in the dark. Visually impaired people suffer most in low light levels, and this technology addresses that issue. This means that furniture and even doorways can be perceived in relatively low light.

All in all, virtual reality, with all its hype, can actually touch lives by eliminating the helplessness that is associated with visual impairment. Jobs can still be secured, talents restored and lives will no longer be interrupted. The users will not require having a caretaker constantly on call. They won’t even remember the sting of being visually impaired because they will still be functional people.